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Hotel and Hospitality Design, Construction Administration, and Renovation Architects

At Central Design Group, our hospitality architects are backed with all of the knowledge and expertise needed to conceptualize, design, and assist in building memorable hotel experiences at all budget levels. Our portfolio includes everything from large hotel chains, such as IHG, Hilton, Marriott, Best Western, and more, to smaller boutiques, such as Hotel De Ville, and the Grand Plaza Hotel. With projects completed in our home state of Missouri and expanding throughout the country, we’ve worked in 25 states ranging from California to New Jersey.

Our Hospitality Design Difference

When designing or renovating your hotel, carefully choosing the right hospitality design firm is essential. This sector not only requires close attention to detail and comfort, but also attention to every aspect of the guest experience and workflow of hotel employees.

At Central Design Group, we recognize the unique challenges that must be considered when designing or renovating a hotel, and our hospitality professionals provide unmatched hotel architectural services, bringing projects from concept to cash flow as quickly as possible with minimal downtime.

By combining open communication, integrity, and transparency, our hospitality design team has created a hard-won reputation for delivering projects on time and budget, while also giving every project the individual attention it deserves.

Our Hotel Design Services

Our hospitality design team at Central Design Group brings unmatched expertise in hotel architectural services, hotel interior design, and hotel business practices, which are incorporated into every hotel design project. Our hospitality design and renovation services include the following:


A solid foundation is essential for every building project. At Central Design Group, our professional hospitality architects will transform your hotel, motel, or resort into a beautiful space that meets both functional and aesthetic requirements.

Interior Design

Hospitality interior design requires close attention to comfort, guest experience, functionality, and maintenance needs. At Central Design Group, our expert design team will create a high-quality, functional, and stunning space that adheres to your goals, requirements, and budget.

Planning and Development

The planning and development stage is a complex yet crucial aspect of hospitality design projects. At Central Design Group, our professional team is prepared to coordinate and manage your hotel design or renovation project throughout every phase in order to meet your expectations and stay on schedule.


With our hospitality interior design services, our expert procurement team at Central Design Group will look after all the details of furniture, fixtures, and equipment procurement in order to deliver the most cost effective solutions for your hotel design project.

Project Management

At Central Design Group, our professional project management team will serve as the central contact point for all aspects of your hotel design or renovation, tracking every detail to ensure construction is completed on time and on budget.

Starting Your Next Hotel Build or Renovation Project

At Central Design Group, we’re ready to help you with your next hospitality project. To learn more about our hotel design and renovation services, or for a free consultation, contact us today!

Hospitality Design Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for your hospitality design services?

Hospitality design can be complex. Thus, our rates vary depending upon the project scope and budget. Rest assured, our design team works hard to deliver cost-effective solutions so your hospitality project stays on budget. For more information about our hospitality design services and pricing, contact us today for a free consultation!

Do you offer only architecture and design services for new hotels or renovations as well?

At Central Design Group, we offer architecture and design services for new hotels as well as hotel renovation projects. Our hospitality architects are well-versed in hotel renovation and will redesign and update your hotel to match your vision and standards.

What types of hotel renovations does your firm complete?

At Central Design Group, our expert team has completed hotel renovation projects for small boutique hotels, large chain hotels, and everything in between! Our team can complete partial renovations of key areas such as lobby and lounge areas or provide a full renovation of the entire facility.  Check out our Projects page to view a complete list of our completed commercial, residential, and hospitality projects.

Are you limited to only working with hotels in Missouri?

No! Though our central office is located in Columbia, MO, our team at Central Design Group has completed hundreds of projects in over 25 states nationwide.

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