• Hotel Interior Design with Green Accent Pillows

Hotel Design, Construction, and Renovation Architects

Hotel design presents incredible challenges mixed with inspiring opportunities. This sector requires close attention to comfort, guest experience, functionality and maintenance needs.

Central Design Group’s hospitality design team is backed with all of the expertise needed to conceptualize, design and build memorable hotel experiences at all budget levels.

Our Difference

Central Design Group’s portfolio includes everything from large chain hotel properties to small boutique hotels.

The hospitality design team brings unmatched expertise in hotel architectural services, hotel interior design and hotel business practices, which are incorporated into every hotel design project.

Our experience and expertise gives Central Design Group the ability to bring projects from concept to cash flow as quickly as possible.

Positive Relationships

Central Design Group has built positive relationships with hospitality experts around the globe through its philosophy of offering comprehensive and personalized service on with every project.

By combining open communication, integrity and transparency, the hospitality design team has created a hard won reputation for delivering projects on time and budget, while also giving every project the individual attention it deserves.