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Professional Architectural Design Firm

When it comes to designing your new home or building, selecting a proper architect is a crucial first step. At Central Design Group, our expert architectural design team will ensure your home or building project is executed with care and crafted to meet both its functional and aesthetic requirements. Our professional architects have the knowledge to foresee potential project challenges and will work with you to develop a realistic vision of your home or commercial building based on your goals.

Core Services Offered by Our Team of Architects


The most critical phase of every project is the Programming phase. During this phase, our team at Central Design Group will work with you to finalize the project objectives and ensure the finished project meets all project requirements.

Space Planning

Space planning is an essential aspect of a commercial construction project. When hired to design your building project, our architectural professionals will consider all possible space uses and draw up a plan that ensures each space is used efficiently.

Schematic Design

Schematic design is the first, and arguably the most fun, part of any design project. During this phase, our architects at Central Design Group will work with you to develop the basic size, shape, and design of your home or building.

Design Development

During the Design Development Phase, our expert architects will work with you to work out the specifics of your project, selecting the materials and products you want included.

Construction Documents

When designing and planning any construction project, ensuring all required documents are completed accurately and thoroughly is a necessity. At our architecture firm, we’ll fill in all the details and provide the necessary documentation to apply and receive a building permit and get started on constructing your building.

Construction Administration

Construction Administration is a necessary aspect of all construction projects. Our trusted architects will work with you and the rest of the team in order to ensure the final design and construction of your project meets your expectations and are in line with the contract documents.

At Central Design Group, we strive to design and construct buildings that will work for you for years to come. After your project has been completed, we’ll check back in to evaluate your building and ensure your standards continue to be met via our comprehensive post-occupancy services.

Available Complementary Services

Along with our core architecture services, we also offer several complementary services including:

Site Analysis and Selection Services

Before starting any design, it is important to survey and analyze the project site. At Central Design Group, we’ll conduct an extensive site analysis in order to create the best and most cost-effective design for the location.

Interior Design

High-quality and functional interior design is essential for all commercial, hospitality, and residential buildings. Our professional interior design team will create stunning specialized spaces that adhere to your goals, requirements, and budget.


For every interior design project, procurement is crucial. Our expert procurement team will look after all the details of the FF&E procurement in order to deliver the most cost-effective solutions for your project.

We Specialize in Hospitality Architectural Design

Looking to build or renovate your hotel or other hospitality building? At Central Design Group, our expert architects specialize in hospitality architectural design and have the knowledge and experience needed to design and build beautiful, functional hotels. Check out our Hospitality page to learn more about our hospitality design services!

Hospitality Architecture and Interior Design

Architectural Design Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of buildings do you design?

Our team of architects have experience designing many different types of buildings, from custom homes and apartment complexes to hotels and commercial buildings. You can check out a more comprehensive list of our completed projects on our Projects page!

Do you only offer architectural design services in Missouri?

No! Though our central office is located in Columbia, MO, our experienced architects at Central Design Group have completed numerous projects in over 25 states nationwide.

Our Past Architecture Work

Our architecture firm has completed architectural design projects both in Missouri and in over 25 states across the nation. To view project examples, check out our Projects page!

At Central Design Group, we design the home or building of your dreams. If you’re interested in getting started on your home or building architectural design project and want to learn more about our architecture services, contact us or give us a call at 573-441-9391 today. We look forward to working with you!

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