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Exceptional Interior Design Services

Whether you want a new look and feel for your home, are due for an office upgrade, or are in need of a more efficient commercial environment, a well thought-out interior design is essential. Our interior designers, located in Columbia, MO, can skillfully create a beautiful and comfortable custom home or transform your commercial space for a more productive business, enhancing customer experience, and improving your bottom line.

At Central Design Group, each of our interior designers bring a unique perspective and range of experience that is vital when creating specialized spaces that are both beautiful and functional. With personalized, attentive service and transparent communication with attention to detail, our team has built a reputation creating finished projects that go above and beyond their original visions.

Our Interior Design Services

Our interior designers in Columbia, MO bring an unparalleled level of knowledge, creativity, and service to every project. Melding your goals, requirements, and budgets with solid background in functional design, material selection, and creativity, we strive to create stunning results that work. Our interior design services include:


Programming is the important first phase of any interior design project. At Central Design Group, our knowledgeable interior design team will gather and analyze information about your project, including your needs, wants, and goals, in order to define any problems and provide the groundwork for a solution and basis for your design.

Schematic Design

During the schematic design phase, in order to define the general scope of the project, our professional interior designers will translate your project into three-dimensional drawings, including complete descriptions of building systems and interior finishes.

Space Planning

Space planning is an essential element of the interior design process and helps to define circulation patterns and how people will move throughout the space.  At our interior design firm in Columbia, MO, our skilled professionals will gather all the necessary information and perform an analysis to expertly plan out a well-balanced, functional space that best suits your needs.

Design Development

Once the schematic design and space planning is complete and approved, the design development phase takes place in order to further develop the overall design. Our interior design firm will brainstorm ideas and materials to be used, selecting colors and finishes, fabrics, and furniture, to present what your project will look like when fully completed.

Construction Documents and Administration

When designing and planning any interior design project, ensuring all required documents are completed is a necessity. At Central Design Group, our team will fill in all the details and provide the necessary documentation to get started on your interior design project. We’ll also work with you throughout the project to ensure the final design is in line with the contract documents and meets your expectations.


Procurement is crucial for every interior design project. At Central Design Group, our expert interior designers will work to deliver the most cost-effective solutions for your project, looking after all the details of the FF&E procurement and ensuring that the integrity of your interior design project is maintained from start to finish.

Post-Occupancy Services

At our interior design firm, we strive to design spaces that will work for you for years to come. With our comprehensive post-occupancy services, our interior design team will check back in after your project has been completed to evaluate your space and ensure your standards continue to be met.

We Specialize in Hospitality Interior Design

If you’re looking to build or completely redesign the interior of your hotel or other hospitality building, look no further than our interior design firm located in Columbia, MO. At Central Design Group, our expert interior designers specialize in hospitality interior design and will work to provide you with the beautiful and functional hotel interior of your dreams. For more information regarding our hospitality design services, check out our Hospitality page!

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Getting Started on Your Next Interior Design Project

At Central Design Group, our team is ready to help you with your next interior design project. To learn more about our interior design services, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

Interior Design Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only offer interior design services in Missouri?

No! While our headquarters are located in Columbia, MO, our interior design team at Central Design Group has worked on and completed projects in over 25 states nationwide.

Do you provide interior design services for other buildings outside of Hospitality?

Yes! At Central Design Group, we offer a wealth of interior design expertise in a variety of sectors including hospitality, multi-family complexes, custom homes, and commercial buildings. To check out a more comprehensive list of our completed projects, visit our Projects page!

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