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Architectural Design and Construction Project Management

Central Design Group’s expertise includes a full suite of project management and project management services designed to ensure construction is completed on time and on budget.

By tracking and monitoring every aspect of construction, Central Design Group’s team of management experts bring a sense of security to every construction project. Not only does this ensure projects are completed accurately and according to plan, but the ever important timeline and budget will be managed closely.

Project Management

Having a key person who serves as the central contact point for all aspects of a construction project is vital. With this approach, Central Design Group has managed hundreds of projects to on time and on budget completions.

The team works to track every detail and maintain an open line of communication between all contractors, service providers and client representatives.


The core of Central Design Group’s construction and project management services is a focus on teamwork. Not only does this include the staff project managers, but it also includes forging solid, productive and friendly relationships with the client. This includes collaboration between multiple teams within both Central Design Group and the client.

Together, all of these parties become part of a core team, working to share knowledge, experience and information to ensure a successful project.

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